New Cloud Based Remote Call System Management.

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Intercall Nursecall Systems are flying high with the arrival of the new cloud based Call Logging Management System.

Launched at the Care Show in Birmingham, this innovative solution allows care managers to remotely view and analyse real-time information from the care homes.

All nursecall data is captured and stored safely within the cloud, allowing secure access anywhere in the world via computer, tablet or phone, keeping you in touch 24 hrs a day with the latest activity and performance of your care home systems. By simply logging into your own secure account you will be able to see instantaneously real time graphical reports showing the performance of individual sites and then email them directly from the system. Any issues can be spotted and dealt with immediately from anywhere in the world. All data is encrypted and password protected ensuring a secure connection.

For further information or a demonstration call us now on 0500 212123 or take a look at the IntercallCloud website section.

‪Intersec Dubai 2013: Intercall‬

Intercall at interSec Dubai 2013

Adam Daniels, International Sales Manager for Intercall talks to Security News Desk at Intersec Dubai 2013 about Intercall's worldwide call systems.

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IP Healthcare and Security Communications

The healthcare & security sectors have been seeking solutions allowing data to be transferred between their various building management systems to provide better integration. The worldwide adoption of TCP/IP allows a common path where various systems can work together.  This technology combined with the ability to communicate over wired and wireless mediums, has made TCP/IP the obvious platform for future development.


What is TCP/IP?

Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol – this is the basic communication language or protocol of the internet. Information is broken down into small packets of all shapes and sizes and transmitted around the network or internet, which allows for data to be transferred quickly and efficiently between a variety of networks.


What are the main advantages of using an IP infrastructure?

•    Common IP platform for all communication devices

•    TCP/IP has become the back bone for all modern security systems

•    Its ability to switch packets of data from any computer system

True Integration with other IP Devices
Via TCP/IP connection, Intercall’s L7700 Power supply has the ability to link with many third party devices, such as IP DECT Phones, IP Message Pagers, PDA’s, and front end GUI software.


The Evolution of Nursecall Systems.

1st generation : Bell and Buzzer electrical system : circa 1950’s
2nd generation : Microprocessor based system : circa 1980’s
3rd generation : Internet software based systems enabling integration into modern IP based systems : circa 2008


Intercall’s latest IP based technology provides significant features and benefits over older style systems by providing a simple web based user interface. From this interface a whole range of data can be programmed, viewed, shared, integrated, recorded or stored on a single system. Installing Intercall’s IP based system is the best way to ensure you are doing all you can to future proofing your call system.


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When it comes to urgent calls, wired beats radio every time.

Nursecall systems have come a long way since the Florence Nightingale days of “ring the bell”. However, the principles of informing staff of urgent calls hasn’t changed at all. Every type of assisted living, hospital or care home building that is licensed for health care must have a call system since they are a mandatory patient safety system. And the large majority of care facilities choose hard-wired call systems for a simple reason, reliability.


Less expensive – and more effective

In today's technological world a wired nurse call system, will normally be the cheapest, most configurable, and most reliable answer for receiving emergency alarms from the occupants in your hospital or nursing home.

What’s more, when it comes to integration the possibilities are endless with wired solutions.


A lot more than just a call system

A properly designed and fitted wired system can go far beyond the basic principles of ringing a nurse for help. Wired nursecall systems are capable of providing multi levels of alert, “call, assistance, priority and emergency” are just the basics, wired systems go much further, reporting locations where staff are present, logging who reset the call, recording when residents / patients are out of bed. Attack calls can be initiated on the nursecall system via staff using personal triggers. Other useful events which a wired system can include, “toilet call”, “doctor present”, “wet the bed”, “catering” and “man down” are all levels of call available through Intercall’s IP based system.

Wired systems offer the usual range of portable devices and solutions, such as infra red triggers, PIR movement detectors, pagers and DECT phones which are capable of communicating with your telephone PBX.

Wireless nursecall products began to surface in the marketplace in the 1990's. However a critical point when considering a wireless system is to be mindful of the ongoing maintenance costs, and that the signal actually gets through. All too often radio signals get blocked or jammed due to local conditions. Indeed, even your building material can actually prevent signals getting through. Furthermore many radio repeaters may be required to boost the signal to give coverage. Plus the on going maintenance with battery checks and replacements are costs often unseen. That’s why we at Intercall recommend that you give carefully consideration which option you choose.


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Stainless Steel Disabled Wc Alarm Kit

Now Available

We are pleased to include a stainless steel kit to our range of successful toilet alarm products. Manufactured on stainless steel makes this alarm kit ideal for harsh environments. Compliant to all recent guidelines, this kit contains everything required (except fixing boxes & cable) for a complete WC alarm.

Stainless Steel Disabled Wc Alarm Kit

New LED Re-assurance Pear Lead


The latest update to the market-leading Intercall Pear Lead features a built-in call re-assurance LED, which gives the user or resident an immediate visual indication that their call has successfully been generated.

Please click the link below to download the PDF to read more about this new product update.

Pear Leads